[PART2] Ubud on a closer look

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Lazy Cat Cafe

What I love from downtown Ubud, is you can just park your vehicle somewhere and walk past mini shop and cute little restaurant along the street. Most of building designs is not too fancy, not too modern, but that’s what makes them interesting. Continue reading “[PART2] Ubud on a closer look”

[PART 1] Ubud on a closer look

When I first planned my itinerary to Bali last month, I was not quite interested to spend some night in Ubud, because from my previous experience, staying in the middle of the city is more convenient and easy to move around while Ubud looks less interesting and boring. Going to Bali, in my perspective, was always about dipping your feet to the beach, however, this time I want to try to see Bali on the other side that I have never seen before.
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Get to know the most known Southern Bali area

Bali, as you know, is the No. 1 destination in Indonesia that is popular by foreign and local tourists as well. And from all Bali regions, Southern Bali is more crowded than other regions because the infrastructure development are more concentrated in this area. This means if you plan to travel to several places, which needs great and easy access, Southern Bali maybe the most suitable destination for you.

Although Bali is more known for its beaches, it is also known for its mountains, cliffs and rice paddies view, culture, art and crafts, and some fun activities, such as nightlife, extreme water sports and so on. Therefore, it is better for you to decide first what adventure you want in Bali so you can decide where is the most suitable destinations and place to stay during your vacation to Bali. The list below will help you get to know each area in the region of Southern Bali (I hope so!).


Kuta is the most targeted area by foreign and local tourists, because the places are easily accessible by foot or vehicle. ATMs, Mini Markets, Restaurants and Cafes, Malls and Shopping Areas, all just within a 5-15 minute walk. Kuta Beach as its a main attraction can be easily accessed from the hotel and also offers quite a lot of water sport activities, such as jet ski, banana boat, body board, etc. In addition, Kuta Beach is also quite popular for tourists to enjoy the sunset. However, the shortcomings you have to face if you want to stay in Kuta is the overcrowded, traffic at most times, and the quite dirty beach.



Seminyak is very close to Kuta, and it is more known for its restaurants and cafes, as well as its nightlife. And for you interior design or architecture lovers, your eyes will totally pleased here. Modern art is widely applied in restaurant buildings, cafes, and hotels, so the Seminyak area is more crowded by youngsters. If you want to have some culinary trip, or stay in new modern hotel or hostel with nice design, Seminyak is THE place. Seminyak beach also popular to enjoy the sunset while grabbing a snack or drink with your friends, because along the beach, there’s so much cafe/bars that provides bean bag for you to sit at the sands, but you required to buy drink or food with minimum order Rp100.000-150.000 per pax.



Oasis Lagoon Hotel, Sanur

Unlike Kuta and Seminyak, Sanur is more quiet but we still can easily find ATMs, Mini Markets, Cafes and Restaurants by walk. Sanur Beach is pretty much used as private beach area by nearby hotels, but we can still access this beach and mostly used for canoe-ing, snorkeling, or diving, due to its calm waves. And if Kuta Beach is famous for its sunset, Sanur Beach is famous for its sunrise. Well, Sanur might be the right choice if you want to find a less crowded accommodation with easy beach access, but close enough to the airport or downtown Denpasar.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is mostly used for 5 star hotels or resorts, so the beach access is quite limited to other than hotel guests. But, you can assure the cleanliness and serenity of the Nusa Dua beach area than Kuta, Seminyak, or Sanur because it is well maintained by each hotels. Nusa Dua beach also doesn’t have big waves so it is very suitable for you who wants to relax and sunbathing while listening to the waves.



If you are searching for the place where you can enjoy many time just to relax, enjoy the nature with great view of rice fields, and living a healthy lifestyle, Ubud is surely the perfect choice for you. Unlike Kuta, Sanur or Seminyak, Ubud is more like a slow and healthy living. Spend your time to stay overnight or two night in Ubud area, because the concept and facilities of hotel/resort in Ubud itself is quite different, where we are brought closer to nature. Besides, Ubud is also very Famous for its art and craft products, especially wood, as well as the Balinese culture because Ubud is surrounded by local villages. And things to note, you must carefully choose your accommodation in Ubud carefully, because there are several hotels/resorts are quite far from the downtown Ubud so it is rather difficult to find ATMs, Restaurant, or Mini Market by walk.





Uluwatu is the southernmost area in Bali, and in there are many beaches that are desolated and untouched by many people. If Ubud is THE healing place with mountain and rice paddies view, you can feel the serenity by enjoy the quiet beach with cliffs alongside. Hotel and resorts in Uluwatu mostly located on the top of the cliffs with its own private beach access, but the price is usually much more expensive. There are several private beaches that can be publicly accessible, but we have to extra pay approximately Rp300.000,00-500.000,00. But, you there are some beaches that are made accessible to the public and the entrance fee is also not as expensive as the private beach (around Rp10.000,00-Rp20.000,00 per person), such as Pandawa Beach, Melasti Beach, Dreamland Beach, Green Bowl Beach and so on. Beach characters in Uluwatu are more surrounded by cliffs and corals, but the waves are bigger so it is much favored by tourists who love surfing.



Pool bar at Panama Kitchen, Canggu

Canggu is quite less known area by tourists. This area can be reached about 30 minutes drive from Denpasar, and what I love from Canggu is that we can enjoy two sights at once, the view of rice paddy fields and beautiful beaches. Canggu does not have much hotel and resorts as many as the others area I mentioned earlier, but the restaurant and pool bar to enjoy the sunset is also quite popular for foreign tourists. It’s a bit hard to access places on foot, so I recommend to rent your own vehicle, be it a car or motorbike if you’re planning to stay in Canggu area.

So, those are some tips that might help you to decide which places to go to during your stay in Bali, especially in Southern Bali area. There are still many other areas in Bali that I may not have explored. I will definitely explore Bali more to found out other hidden paradise there. Well, see you dear wanderers!

Have a healing stay at Blue Karma Resort, Ubud

Hi wanderers!

This is my first time to write a hotel review (and many things to come) during my latest trip to Bali. And yes, thankfully, I found a precious hidden gem in Ubud. For those of you who need some healing and want to stay in a quiet and calm atmosphere unlike our busy lifes in Jakarta, yes, this resort is should be one of your list to stay in Bali. Continue reading “Have a healing stay at Blue Karma Resort, Ubud”