Have a healing stay at Blue Karma Resort, Ubud

Hi wanderers!

This is my first time to write a hotel review (and many things to come) during my latest trip to Bali. And yes, thankfully, I found a precious hidden gem in Ubud. For those of you who need some healing and want to stay in a quiet and calm atmosphere unlike our busy lifes in Jakarta, yes, this resort is should be one of your list to stay in Bali.

Blue Karma Resort actually has three branches in Bali, namely in the area of Seminyak, Ubud, and Badung. Well, because this is my first time to stay in Ubud overnight, I chose Blue Karma Resort located in Ubud. Blue Karma Resort is located a bit further from downtown Ubud, so it is perfect for people who want to spend their most time at the hotel. However, for those of you who want to still be able to walk and explore the surrounding area, better find a hotel closer to the downtown area. 


The resort’s main entrance is quite small, so you should look at the signage very carefully while you were driving here. And the first time you enter the Blue Karma Resort area, you will be greeted by a quite large rice paddy field before finally you get to the parking area. Usually, Blue Karma staff will be standby at the entrance to help you carry your luggage, and direct you to the lobby. What’s unique here is that every guest who comes for check in will be marked by the sound of gongs, so yes, you will feel specially welcomed here.


And, the first time I enter the lobby, I fell in love.

If you are one of those who loves interior details, you may feel the same as I feel. High ceiling, rattan furniture, and organic material will pleased your eyes for sure. The waiting room area, or I may say, living room, can be functioned as a reading area, or maybe as a place to chat if you’re bored in your room.


Unlike most large hotels, there is only one reception desk in this area, but do not worry, the number of rooms in Blue Karma Resort is not that much, so you wouldn’t be waiting too long. And while waiting for the check in, you will be treated to fresh coconut water and organic raw chocolate specially made by Blue Karma.

This resort features an open and organic concept, so each room is mostly partitioned by glass and also the folding doors can be fully opened so you can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere from your own room. There are a few tips for you before choosing Blue Karma Resort, Ubud that may help you:

Silence must be maintained

As I mentioned before, this resort is intended for guests who want to stay in a quiet place, if you’re planning to travel with your kids or travel in a quite large group, maybe Blue Karma Resort Ubud is less suitable for you (unless you want to rent the whole resort, teehee). PS: There is no TV in each room, but Wi-Fi is still available though.

Extra charge for extra people

The resort is quite tight for the number of guests per room. Mostly, the room is only limited to 2 guests, but since yesterday I travel in three (I stayed in Superior Garden Suite type), I was required to pay Rp400.000,00 for extra bed and including the extra breakfast package. With this addition I also get an extra bathroom necessities.

Be prepare for insects

Due the semi open room (and bathroom), definitely a lot of insects can get inside the room. If you have an insect phobia, make sure to bring insect repellent spray beforehand.

Try some organic breakfast



Why not try something fresh and organic while you were in Ubud? There are 4 breakfast packages offered; Blue Karma, Indonesian, Australian, (I forgot another one). You can try Blue Karma Package to try a totally organic breakfast. I tried the Australian package with some potato and egg scramble, toast with choices of cheese, butter, honey and Vegemite (only found out recently what that is from my friend…). Oh, and you can also choose anything else on the buffet for free.

Try some healing activities, such as yoga, morning trekking, and so on.

No worries, you won’t feel bored here. There are several healing activities you can try and Blue Karma has special package for each activities. If you’re not interested to take the package, just pick for the activity you want with the extra charge Rp200.000,00 per person, just ask the reception desk for more info.

I really recommend to pick Blue Karma if you’re plan to stay in Ubud, and I will definitely come back here again. So, ready to experience healthy living in Blue Karma Resort, Ubud?


Blue Karma Resort, Ubud

Jalan Suweta Desa Bentuyung, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 9081383

Fax: +6285338179956

E-mail: se@bluekarmaresort.com

Website: http://www.bluekarmaresort.com

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