[PART2] Ubud on a closer look

See Part 1!

Lazy Cat Cafe

What I love from downtown Ubud, is you can just park your vehicle somewhere and walk past mini shop and cute little restaurant along the street. Most of building designs is not too fancy, not too modern, but that’s what makes them interesting.


Lazy Cat Cafe is located at the end of downtown Ubud road that makes people sometimes not aware of its existence. They have 2 floors, but the first floor is only used for toilets and lobby while the cafe area is upstairs.


Lazy Cat Cafe area is not too spacious and quite crowded (I arrived at lunchtime, and the mezzanine area is already full).

Cheeseadilla IDR 60k and Ice Lemon Tea IDR 20k



The foods offered at Lazy Cat Cafe are all organic, so, if you’re not into organic food and drinks, maybe you’re not quite fit here. But for the size of organic food, it is quite satisfactory. Well, I could say Lazy Cat Cafe is more suitable for brunch or tea time, because the menu mostly offers appetizer and snacks.

Kebun Bistro


This small restaurant may quite unnoticeable from the front, but it has different concept from the other restaurant around. It reminds us with old village architecture in Italy combined with the ambience of a home garden (well, maybe that’s why it is called Kebun Bistro). I came at dinner, but unfortunately the restaurant was quite packed and the outdoor area I was looking are already full so finally I was placed inside. However, the interior of the building in the inside is no less beautiful. With dimming light from candles, you can really feel the old vibes from this restaurant. The menu offered also match with the ambience of the restaurant, mostly Italian.

Classic Gnocchi with pomodoro sauce, IDR 75k
Classic French Onion Soup, IDR 65k


Overall, I was delightful to stay in Ubud, because I can feel the hospitality and sincerity from local or even fellow tourists when they smiles and greets me. I’m not saying the Balinese outside Ubud is not friendly, but you will feel the difference between staying in the area of Ubud or in a more crowded area like in Kuta, for example. In addition, staying in Ubud really makes me less stressful, and time seems to be slower here. I will definitely come to stay longer in Ubud, I hope you can visit Ubud in the future too!


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