JAPAN | Matcha Galore!

Who does not love Matcha? Well, about the last 5 years Matcha is really ‘in’ in Indonesia, and if you go to Japan, surely you should not miss anything about Matcha in its origin country right? I, myself, am a big fan of any food or drinks in green (call it pesto in Italian food, and of course: MATCHA!). Well, in Japan you will easily find products with Matcha as a basic ingredient, from street snacks, mini market or restaurants. And this is my 5 most favorite Matcha Dessert and Drinks I’ve found in Japan!

Red Bean and Green Tea Ice Cream Pancake


I came too late to the Asakusa area, and I’ve heard about Nakamise-dori which filled with street food vendors, and unfortunately the shops are mostly closed at 7 PM. There’s a few food vendors which still open including this ice cream shop. I decided to try this red bean filling pancake with green tea ice cream, and even though I’m not a big fan of red bean because its texture, the mixture between the warm red bean and green tea ice cream make red bean not make me too queasy. This costs me around 150 yen, and one thing to note, you can’t eat ice cream or any food while walking, and usually every street vendors owner will only let you eat next to their shops.

Nakamise-dori | Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Green Tea Chocolate Cake


I accidentally found this gem in Seven Eleven (Seven&i) near my hotel in Ginza, and I could definitely say : THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST MATCHA CAKE I’VE EVER HAD! I forgot how much it costs me (I’m so sorry!), but I could ensure you that it was very cheap! And I love the packaging too, which is the same with how you eat triangle onigiri (and sure, it makes easier for you to eat it anywhere).


Seven&i Mini-Markets | You can find it in any Seven&i stores

Warabi Mochi Ice Cream and Green Tea Vanilla Ice Cream


Do you know Kyoto is famous for its Matcha? So, you may found the best quality matcha products (be it food or drinks) here. And yeah, summer makes me craving for ice cream more, so I found this little ice cream shop the moment I go outside the Arashiyama Station. I tried two kinds of ice cream: Green Tea Vanilla Ice Cream Cone and Warabi Mochi Ice Cream (the Green Tea Vanilla Ice Cream Cone costs me 300 yen, while Warabi Mochi Ice Cream costs me 420 yen).


My favorite was the Warabi Mochi Ice Cream, although you can’t see it, on the base of the cup, they put the transparent green colored mochi that goes very well with the green tea ice cream. Well, I might say, it is kind of different way to enjoy green tea ice cream and I loooved it.


Arashiyama Station Exit, Kyoto | (I don’t know the store’s name, but you can easily found it at mini shop blocks from the right of station exit)

Green Tea and Strawberry Mochi


I have been searching this Matcha Mochi even before I went to Japan (long story short, I accidentally seen this in someone’s instagram post and it looks sooo devouring). And thank God, I finally found it in Fushimi Inari, Kyoto. So, there is a long street full of street vendors, and they offer soooo much kinds of street food. You can easily found any salty foods and snacks, fresh juice drinks, and of course desserts! And this mochi may be too sticky in your throat, but the strawberry helps to neutralize it. It is surely one of my favorite Matcha snacks here in Japan.

Fushimi Inari | 68 Yabunouchi-cho, Fukakusa Fushimi-ku, Kyoto

Chocolate Cake Top Frappuccino with Matcha Shot


In my latest visit to Japan, this Chocolate Cake Top Frappuccino with Matcha Shot ad was practically can be seen in front of any Starbucks stores. I don’t know for sure, whether this product is seasonal or indeed a product which will be permanently sold in every Starbucks store in Japan. The price is 620 yen, and you should know that they are available in tall size only. And there is also a way to drink this Frappucinno, initially I try to drink the Frappuccino first, then eat the cake. However, I found a better (and easier) way to enjoy this drink. First, let the cake soften a bit first, and then stir the whole cake with the frappuccino, and voila! But of course, you can choose your own way to drink this Chocolate Cake Top Frappuccino with Matcha Shot and please share with me which way do you like the best to enjoy it in the comment below!

Starbucks Shibuya | 21-6 Udagawacho, B1F Q Front Bldg., Shibuya 150-0042, Tokyo Prefecture

Well, that was my Matcha hunting journey, and please make a comment below, if you are in Japan or have been traveling in Japan and found other Matcha desserts, food, or drinks that you would like to recommend. And lastly, happy wandering, dear wanderers!



4 thoughts on “JAPAN | Matcha Galore!

      1. I can only imagine! I hope to travel to visit Japan at some point and I intend to indulge in as many match treats that I can get my hands on😀


  1. It’s so truee, I have the half of my baggage is full of matcha treats on my way back home. Well, I reeally wish you can visit Japan someday, and thank you for reading my posts! :)))


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