KAWAGUCHIKO | Mt. Fuji in Summer

There are two famous places which have the best spots to see Mt. Fuji; Kawaguchiko and Hakone, and this time I chose Kawaguchiko to enjoy the Mt. Fuji views. And if you’re planning to go to Mt. Fuji area to see the famous Mt. Fuji’s peak, unfortunately, summer is the worst time to visit there because it mostly covered by fog (but summer is the perfect time to climb Mt. Fuji). Still, Kawaguchiko doesn’t only offers the view of Mt. Fuji, you can also enjoy the beauty of Kawaguchiko Lake, and also fully bloomed lavender field.

How To Get There

There’s two ways to get to Kawaguchiko Station as the start point to explore Kawaguchiko area; by train and by bus. I chose to take a bus to get there from Tokyo Station, because it is more practical, faster, and cheaper than trains.

Bus to Kawaguchiko Station is operated by JR, but please note, JR Pass are not valid for JR buses. You can buy the bus tickets at Tokyo Station in the JR Bus Ticket Office right near the bus terminal. The trip from Tokyo Station to Kawaguchiko Station takes 2 hours and costs 1800 yen. The bus will stop at two spots in Kawaguchiko; Fuji Q Highland Resorts and Kawaguchiko Station (you can click here to see more transportation alternative to Mt. Fuji areas).

Arriving at Kawaguchiko Station

To explore the Kawaguchiko area you can ride the Sightseeing Bus or Retro Bus from Kawaguchiko Station. To be able to ride the Sightseeing bus, we have to buy the bus ticket; Red Line and Green Line and Red, Green, and Blue Line (they only offer minimum 2 Days Ticket). For Red Line and Green Line it costs 1300 yen, while for Retro Bus, you can ride it for free, but the coverage line and stops is not as much as Sightseeing Bus (plus Retro Bus is usually always full). And don’t forget to ask for tourist map to make you easier to see your bus stops and lines.


Yagizaki Park

So in summer, there is Lake Kawaguchiko Herb Festival where you can see lavender in full bloom especially in Yagizaki and Oishi Park. Unfortunately, it’s been raining and cloudy all day, so I can’t see Kawaguchi Lake view as a whole. But, I still loveee the cold and chill ambience here.


And look what I’ve found, a pathway full of hydrangea!


And while you were here in lavender bloom season, don’t forget to try lavender ice cream!


KachiKachi-Yama Ropeway

Next stop is KachiKachi-Yama Ropeway, but I took a stop for a while to have a lunch in this small restaurants (tips for you guys, it is better to start your trip by taking breakfast or lunch near Kawaguchiko Station, because most restaurants around the tourist area are closed). But, look at the view! It’s not too bad to have lunch with this beautiful view right?


So, I continue my trip by riding this ropeway, and I got a bit disappointed when I get on the top of KachiKachi-Yama, because this area is mainly in the middle of renovation, but  the surrounding view did cheer me up a bit.


Oishi Park

Unlike Yagizaki Park, Oishi Park was more crowded. The lavender field is wider too, so you can take a picture in the middle of lavender field. Oh, and they also sell the lavender ice cream too, just in case you miss one in Yagizaki Park.


Departing from Kawaguchiko

Just like your arrival, if you haven’t bought a bus ticket home, you can buy it at the ticket booth to any major station in Tokyo (just make sure you buy the Expressway Bus Ticket and tell the officer your destinations). While waiting, you can also buy Fuji’s souvenir near the stations.

Well, for my opinion, it’s not enough to explore Kawaguchiko in one day, so if you’re interested to spend one night here merupakan ide yang bagus. And that’s it for now, see you in my next posts and happy wandering, wanderers!

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