JAPAN | Arashiyama, Kyoto

Arashiyama is one of my favorite destination in Kyoto. Unlike Fushimi Inari Shrine, Arashiyama is the perfect place to have a nice, quiet, and healing time after you visit other busy and crowded places. Every nook in Arashiyama, including houses, shops, pleased my eyes so much that makes me almost considered to live here someday (hehe).


Even though Arashiyama also a popular destination for tourists, being in outskirt Kyoto and surrounded by hills full of trees with the sound of river flowing, will definitely heal your soul and never felt too crowded. One of most well known spot here is Togetsukyo Bridge.


Near Togetsukyo Bridge, you can found so many shops and restaurants to visit if you want to take a short break and enjoy the view.


The nearest tourist spots to Togetsukyo Bridge you should visit is Tenryuji Temple. By paying 500 yen to explore the temple garden and additional 300 yen to explore the temple buildings. I suggest you to buy both, because the building also worth to see (and the best spot to rest your feet after a long walk).


Walking through the garden to the north gate exit, will guide you to the famous Bamboo Grooves, a small walking path surrounded by bamboo and also a famous photo spot for tourists.


After finishing your trip, you can walk down the main street to buy some cute Japanese souvenirs, window shopping, or re-freshen yourself with some desserts and snacks before heading back to Kyoto.


Don’t forget to try the cherry blossom ice cream! This was also available in summer

Arashiyama, for me, is not enough to visit just for a few hours, you need a whole day to enjoy Arashiyama. You can also visit Sagano, which a more rural area than Arashiyama if you want to go to quieter place. Well, Arashiyama is surely a number one destination to go in Kyoto. Well, that’s it for now, and happy wandering, wanderers!

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