JAPAN | HALAL Restaurant Yoshiya, Arashiyama

Looking for halal restaurants in Japan is quite difficult, especially if we want to try an authentic Japanese cuisine. It is better for you first, to research for halal restaurants that are in line with your tourist destinations. And I just found about Yoshiya while searching for a halal Japanese cuisine restaurant near Arashiyama, and even better, this restaurant already acquired a Halal Certificate by Kyoto Halal Council.


Yoshiya, Arashiyama is close to Togetsukyo Bridge, which is easily accessible from the center crowd of Arashiyama. Usually, when we enter the restaurant, the waiter will offer you a Halal menu or standard menu, so please don’t forget to inform them to give you a Halal menu.

Beef Shabu-Shabu



Yoshiya itself has already served Japanese food for 60 years and is well known as a Muslim friendly Japanese restaurant, and besides Arashiyama, Yoshiya also has many branches in Tokyo and Kyoto. So, I tried 3 dish from their halal menu; Chicken Curry, Shabu-Shabu, and Tempura Udon. For the Shabu-Shabu, the portion is quite big (suitable for 2) so unless you are a big eater, I suggest to share a plate with your friends. The beef and the broth they using for Shabu-Shabu is so fresh, and it goes so well with the soyu sauce. I also recommend you to try their Tempura Udon, I love the broth so much!

Tempura Udon


Chicken Curry

The restaurant’s ambience is also very nice and calming in a way, by applying traditional Japanese elements with ornaments of bamboo and natural stones which make us feels like eating in the middle of the bamboo forest.


I know one of the purpose of traveling is to try the authentic cuisine from its country or town, and honestly in Japan, it is quite hard to find a halal authentic Japanese restaurant. So for Muslims, I really really recommend this place for you if you want to try a halal Japanese food while surrounded by garden view at Arashiyama.


Yoshiya Arashiyama

31, Sagatenryuji Tsukurimichicho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Open Hours : 11:00-17:00

Phone : 075-871-0448

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