JAPAN | Steak Land, Kobe + Ikuta Shrine

I was not planning to visit Kobe at first, but since we’re in Japan, we can not leave Kobe Wagyu Beef out of our list. So, here we are, chasing the Wagyu beef to its origin town (little bit crazy but I guess not for my family, since we’re a big meat lover). And we’re told that Steak Land was very famous for its teppanyaki, and always full reserved even before its open hours (11:00 AM-14:00 PM). DSCF0352

Kobe is just 30 minutes away from Kyoto and 15 minutes away from Osaka using Shinkansen, and Steakland is very near to Sannomiya station, so you should take local subway from JR Shin-Kobe station to Sannomiya station. And I’ve read somewhere that even though Steakland open hours started on 11:00 AM, people are already started queuing at 10:30 AM.


We’re arrived a bit early around 09:30 AM so we decided to look around the nearby area and look what we’ve found : Ikuta Shrine, a one of the oldest shrine in the country.


Being in the middle of modern building, the vermilion color of shrine looks attractive as we walk through the main Sannomiya street. And apparently, we’re visiting on the morning prayer hours, so we could witness the praying activity by local religious leaders.


After exploring Ikuta Shrine, we’re back to Steak Land at 10:30 AM, and we could see people already start queuing. Thankfully, we’re included to the first groups, so we can secure our seats inside for lunch!


The interior brings the old and vintage ambience, but still looks neat and clean. We also can watch our meal being cooked by the chefs while we enjoyed the appetizer.


Basically, you can choose an ala carte menu or package menu with the choice of meat parts you want. I chose the Kobe Beef Steak Lunch (3,180 yen) and Large Tenderloin Kobe Lunch (2,580 yen) package, with appetizer (miso soup and salad), rice, and coffee. There are cheaper packages, but they are not using the Kobe beef, so make sure to buy the Kobe Lunch instead.


Look at the babies being cooked! It sures makes you drool a lot!


Large Tenderloin Steak Lunch (150gr) 2,580 yen

Now, I know why Kobe Wagyu is one of the cuisine you should try in Japan, seriously it was the best beef I had in my entire life (I’m not even exaggerating!). Even though it’s a bit pricey, I was very satisfied with the package, the beef is so tender, well cooked, and big so it worth the money. I don’t regret visiting Steak Land, and if you are a big meat maniac like me, you should definitely try this one!

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