PERTH | City Sightseeing Highlight

Perth could be boring for someone who wants a busy itinerary to their trips. But it was awesome for me as I want this trip to be more relaxing (after having a hectic weeks before) without being too much rushed. Usually, tourists spend a day or two in the city before they packed up and go outside the city like Fremantle, Margaret River, Rottnest, or Pinnacles. For me, I stayed the most at Perth City, and just going back and forth outside the city by car or train. And this is (mostly) my favorite part of Perth.

London Court


I must say, London Court is the most aesthetically pleasing my eyes and most favorite part from Perth. Just being a small lane, it is reminding me so much of England architecture in earlier times. Well, as their name said, this lane was designed for honoring Queen Elizabeth II, for contributing in Australia or particularly Perth’s development. So, shall we take a look inside?


Elizabeth Quay

Being newly established in 2012, Elizabeth Quay sure is one of the most famous place in Perth you should visit. And it most famous landmark is Swan Bell Tower, you can have a  tour inside the tower at 10 AM-4 PM (last entry 3.45 PM). Unfortunately, I was too late so I couldn’t show you what’s inside (tears..).


Besides the Bell Tower, you can walk across the Elizabeth Bridge and see the port and Perth CBD from afar. Just be careful as the bridge also used for cycling.


South Perth

While you’re on the quay, why don’t you take the water taxi across the Swan river to see Perth CBD skyline from South Perth? If you have a SmartRider card, you can just easily tap on the way in and out the boat.


And while you’re in South Perth, visit Atomic Cafe to have a nice lunch and a cup of coffee in Mends Street (not to far from the harbor).

I ordered Chicken Breadcrumb Burger with Extra Chips. PS: Sorry for the yellow lighting.

Kings Park

Kings Park is built to be dedicated to previous war heroes.Combining botanical gardens and memorial monuments, Kings Park area is at least 4 km square wide.You can take a stroll around the Kings Park, roll out your mat or have a little picnic, or even cycling around the park.

State War Memorial, see the lavenders!
Swan River view from the Memorial


While you in the Kings Park area, you should visit the infamous Blue Boat House at Mounts Bay Road. You can take bus or drive here, just park your car in the Kings Park Avenue, and cross the street. But be careful, because Mounts Bay Road is basically a fast and busy traffic street.


Perth Mint


Curious about Perth’s gold mining history? Perth Mint will tell you not just about the history, but also the process on how to make gold to be an saleable products as we seen in the markets. I thought it will be boring at first, but you should book a guided tour (it takes at least 1 hour, but it is fun!).


There is still a lot of things in the city that I couldn’t explore (or some that I couldn’t take picture of). So, next time I’ll visit Perth, maybe I will write a lot of things and activities that I have not been able to do in this trip. Stay tune on my next post about Perth, wanderers!


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