PERTH | One Day Trip to Fremantle

Fremantle is always a number one list to visit while you’re in Perth. And while the weather is sunny but not too hot, we decided to drive out the city to the famous Fremantle!

Perth to Fremantle took about 45 minutes by car, but trains to Fremantle are also available (about 30 minutes from Perth city; just ride the Fremantle Line). And, what I like the most from a road trip is you can enjoy the scenery along the trip, and this what the scenery looks like on my way to Fremantle.

My first stop is Fremantle City Center! To explore the city, I suggest to park your car and try walking around (CAT bus around the city is also free! Well, just in case you are tired of walking).

Fremantle’s vibe is very different than Perth city; they bring more vintage vibe as you can see more old and restored buildings along the street. And what I loved from Fremantle is how they combined their historical buildings with modern function, like cafes and restaurants, and that makes Fremantle more unique.

The most well known landmarks in Fremantle are Fremantle Prison, Fremantle Market,and the Cappuccino Strip. I skipped most of them (yeah, because this trip are arranged by my colleagues there, and I mostly just followed them), while for the Fremantle Market, sad-fully, is closed as I visit Fremantle in Thursday (Fremantle Market is open from Friday to Sunday only).

Treating my disappointment, I visit the Fremantle Waterfront Harborto have lunch at the infamous Kailis Fish Market, and I can guarantee you, this was the best highlight of my Fremantle trip (well, anything delicious going through my mouth is always be my trip highlight hehe). Fremantle Waterfront was not too crowded,  as I visit there in weekdays, but in weekends, you do not need to ask, it is very hard to find a place to sit.

Basically, there were many restaurants along the harbor, but Kailis is the most mentioned on blogs (besides Cicerello’s). Kailis has two dine areas; outdoor and indoor, but I suggest to dine inside unless you’re ready to share with flock of seagulls :’D.

I tried Seafood BBQ Platter, WA King Prawn, and Barramundi Fish and Chips and I could say the Fish and Chips was the best (don’t forget to add the Tartare Sauce, because it was the best part!).

Leaving Fremantle, I decided to drop by to Cottesloe Beach…. until we missed the turn to Cottesloe, and realized that we were already in Scarborough (the perk of traveling, you never know when you will get lost :”))

But, Scarborough was also nice but not too crowded as Cottesloe. That day was quite windy, so I went to the nearest restaurant to grab a hot chocolate and it turns out the interior and view was very nice!

I stayed quite a while in Scarborough, not realizing it was almost sunset time already and decided to finish the day. Being in Perth  for a while and started to get used to finish our activities at 8PM makes us get tired faster, so we decided to grab some food to our apartment instead :’). Still, it is quite a journey today; more trial and error makes it more memorable right? So, keep wandering, wanderers! (PS: I decides to drop the video just in case you’re that curious! Still newbie in editing and shooting a video so pardon me hehe)

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