SYDNEY | City Sightseeing Highlight Part 2 + SydNYE (Sydney New Years Eve)

Click here if you haven’t seen the Part 1!

Bondi Beach

My trip to Bondi Beach is not well prepared (mainly because we don’t check the weather forecast beforehand), so we visited Bondi Beach in rain and gloomy sky. Bondi is actually the most favorite place for tourists and locals as well to spend the holidays in summer. A great combination for youngsters; beaches and a lottt of cute little restaurant and cafes along the street. But, since we’re going there in quite a drizzly rain, plus Bondi Beach in weekend is suppperrr crowded, we decided to just take a look for a while and go straight back to the city (yazz, we also couldn’t take a spot to shelter our selves from the rain.. let alone to eat). Sydney to Bondi Beach took about 30 minutes by the Hop On Hop Off Bus Blue route from the Central Railway Station stop.

Feeling a little bit sad to go straight back to the city, not being able to explore Bondi more 😦


Blue Mountains Tour

Blue Mountains is also popular for tourists and locals to visit if you want to take a rest from the busy Sydney. So, we took a chance to grab a bus tour to the Scenic World Blue Mountain, Katoomba, one of the famous place to see the natural beauty of Blue Mountains. It took about 1,5 to 2 hours from Sydney (but we took about 5 hours to get there…. after the bus broke down in the middle of nowhere..).


Scenic World offers more hiking activities, but if you want some sightseeing only, you can ride the Scenic Skyway to see Blue Mountain in 360 degree view. And we also tried to be a little bit adventurous and rode the Scenic Railway, the steepest riding railway in the world with 52 degree incline. After descending 310 meters down, we arrived at the Jamison Valley tour and took a picture of the infamous cliffs in Blue Mountains; Three Sisters.


Featherdale Wildlife Park

Before we’re going back to Sydney, we visited the Featherdale Wildlife Park on our way to the city, to see koalas, kangaroos, tasmanian devils, platypus, and other native Australian animals. Actually, I am not a big fan of animal (but my mother and brother is), but this place is really good for you wanderers who bring children as they have quite various animal species.


Darling Harbor (and New Years Eve Fireworks!)

At first, we want to see the fireworks with the Sydney Opera House in the background (near the Mrs. Macquaries Chair) but we arrived too late to the city, and many major road were closed already plus the street are already crowded of people, so we decided to see it in the Darling Harbor instead, as we stayed at the Park Royal, Darling Harbor.


What you need to know to see the fireworks event in Sydney :

  • First, plan your New Years Eve in Sydney by visiting their official website (, they have complete information about the vantage point for the fireworks, getting there and getting home, and so on.
  • Sydney has several points set up to see the fireworks events, and some points have an admission ticket, and some others don’t, you can see and book the tickets online at their official website.
  • Many major roads are closed started from 3pm (some at 5pm) until the next day, so if you want to see the fireworks from spots which quite far from your hotel, take the public transportation (you need an Opal card to ride these transportation). But make sure that there will be several changes, like exits and entries, stops, etc. as they tried to manage the crowd capacity in every area.
  • Please notice that there are some points that prohibited alcohol and children friendly. If you are traveling with kids, I suggest to go to the alcohol prohibited spot, and Darling Harbor is one of them.
  • Bring your mat, snack or drink, and secure your place at least 1 to 2 half hour prior the events as every people, tourists and locals, will be gathering at those spots. For more famous spots, I suggest you to come at least 3-4 hours prior the show.
  • Always be careful with your belonging, especially during the fireworks event. People are usually to focused seeing the show, not realizing that it will be a chance for bad people to take a chance to steal your stuffs.
  • Leave at least after 1 am to get back to your hotel to avoid the crowds. For myself, in Darling Harbor, we can leave right after the show, quite crowded but still bearable, as my hotel to the Darling Harbor only took 5 minutes by walk.


So, Sydney was really really really hot and crowded in the end of December and early January, as Sydney is one of the famous city to spend the New Years Eve, so we kinda not too push our selves to visit all interesting places in Sydney. Well, trip is should be fun and enjoyable, right? So don’t push yourself too hard to visit all places wherever your holiday destination is, but enjoy the trip itself. And like usual, keep wandering, wanderers!

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