TOKYO | Top 6 Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo Area

Hello wanderers! I came back as the spring wind blows, finally… So sorry not being able to write as much you requested, but this time I’m too excited as I recently just got back from my first spring trip to Tokyo. And lucky me, I was being able to see cherry blossom in its full blooming season! This year, cherry blossom in Tokyo was unusually blooming earlier than last year (it usually full bloomed in mid to late April), so this time I want to share every popular cherry blossom spots I visited, and the most favorite spot for me!


Chidori-Ga-Fuchi is located in the northwest of the Imperial Palace, and one of the most hot spot to visit in cherry blossom season. There is a lot of things you can do here in Spring, either just to enjoy the cherry blossom and canal view, walk along the canal side, have a short break and picnic under the shade of cherry blossom trees, or try canoeing on the canal! Just note that there must be quite a line as it is one of the most popular attraction especially in spring.

Shinjuku Gyoen Park

As the weather getting warmer, local people usually spent Spring to have a picnic under the cherry blossom tree with their colleagues, family, and friends. And Shinjuku Gyoen Park is the crowdest as this park is realllyyy big with lots of cherry blossom trees (I could say, I saw cherry blossom tree the most here). Don’t forget to bring your mat, food and drinks, pick a spot, and have a little rest here. Note : before going in, you should buy the admission ticket on the ticket machine at the park entrance; 200 yen for adults and 50 yen for children. Expect a looong line to buy the ticket (as Shinjuku Gyoen Park is really popular in cherry blossom seasons. And alcohol is prohibited! (they will check your belonging at the entrance, and there is security guard watching around even inside the park).

Ueno Park

Ueno Park is also one of the most favorite picnic spot for locals and tourists in Spring, located side to side with Ueno Zoo, you can see the long walk path with lines of cherry blossom trees. As Shinjuku Gyoen Park let us bring and roll out our mat anywhere inside the park, in Ueno Park, you should share a mat along the pathway side (I don’t know whether it is free or not). To compare, I love Shinjuku Gyoen Park more, but the good side is Ueno Park is an admission free (except for the zoo)! PS : don’t forget to visit Starbucks inside the park as it’s famous for the only branch which build with traditional Japanese architecture design.

Meguro Riverside Park

Not many tourists know about Meguro River Park as Meguro is quite far of the center of Tokyo, but Meguro River Park is also one of the most beautiful spot to see cherry blossoms. Different from 3 parks above, I could say that seeing cherry blossoms at Meguro River Park heals me the most! By walking along the path with the sound of river flowing and cherry blossom petals falling, Meguro River gave me different feeling unlike the other parks (am I become more romanticists because of spring? Haha). Nonetheless, Meguro Riverside is one of the hot list you should visit to see cherry blossoms in spring!

Odaiba Seaside Park

At first, I didnt expect much visiting Odaiba, as the only popular thing here is….. GUNDAM! I’m not a maniac of Gundam, but I don’t know that Odaiba Seaside Park offers more in spring! Let me drop tons of picture to show you instead do too much talking (or writing?).

It turns out that Odaiba Seaside Park also have lines of cherry blossom trees, and also tulips blooming in spring. And also I could find much more kind of flowers and greens (as I am into flower arrangements),  so if you’re visiting Odaiba and worried that nothing to see besides Gundam (more likely because accompanying your boyfriend, husband, sons, and so on), there’s definitely still hope!

Tokyo Midtown Roppongi

Being in a middle of high end district, with 5 stars hotels and offices, cherry blossoms view in Tokyo Midtown is not as famous as the other park to visit at day, but it was very famous for the light attraction at night. Located right in front of the 21_21 Design Sight Building, this spot is very crowded at night. So, if you’re visiting Roppongi (especially at night), you should visit Tokyo Midtown to one of your list to see the cherry blossom in different way, before finishing the day.

Yup! There are my Top 6 List of the Best Cherry Blossom Spot in Tokyo Area, and to summarize, my favorite was Shinjuku Gyoen Park and Meguro Riverside Park, as I could enjoy the spring and cherry blossom view the fullest and gave the healing feels the most in this trip. Each spots has its own charms, and I really really really did not regret visiting Tokyo in Spring (despite the crowd and long lines in most of the attractions). And one thing for sure, Spring is definitely the season to fall in love, but for me, falling in love with cherry blossom views is enough (for now) hehe. So, yeah! That’s it for now, and as always: Keep wandering, wanderers!

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