Museum di Tengah Kebun, Kemang

As residents of Jakarta, we always thought that Jakarta offers pretty limited options to spend our time on weekends, and it is always been between eating, drinking coffee, watching movies or shopping, which sometimes makes us fed up with these options. But did you know that our city offers more than those options; one of them is a museum tour!­ Well, this time I will share my trip to one of the private museums in the Kemang area, named the Museum in the Middle of the Garden, or in Indonesian, Museum di Tengah Kebun.

This museum is owned by Mr. Sjahrial Djaliel, a CEO of a renowned advertising company, who had started collecting antiques as a hobby since the age of 25 years. At present, Mr. Sjahrial is 77 years old and no longer has an active role in his company due to Parkinson’s disease. The museum itself was originally only designated as his private home, and starting in the last few years, it was opened to the public and functioned as a museum to exhibit his collections.

The oldest collection in Museum di Tengah Kebun

For visiting, please note, the museum can only be visited by appointment with a minimum of 15 visitors, so this time I joined the Jakarta Book Club to explore this museum as one of my college friends was a member there. And as this museum including the collections itself are private properties, visitors must always be accompanied by the curator to ensure the safety of the collectibles.

Main lobby area

Being on the not-too-busy Kemang side, I can feel the calm and homey vibe of this museum once you entered the entrance gate. Greeted by lush tropical trees which isolated the busy bustle noise of Jakarta, the first strong impression I felt was this: it’s like entering a resort in Bali! After a little walk towards the deeper parking area, we can see the main building with a Joglo roof, which gives the strong impression of a Javanese traditional home.

Before entering the main building, we were greeted by a curator who directed us to leave our bags in the deposit trunk and change our footwear with the slippers provided. You can still bring your cameras and phone inside. And we’re ready to explore this museum!

Seen a number of collections on display in this museum, I must say they have a unique way to display their collection. Every collection is not specifically displayed as in museums in general but placed based on their original functions. Mr. Sjahrial himself, still using this museum as his own home, so he still using every room and furniture collections as functioned.

With a total of 7 rooms and 2 hours of tour, we finished the tour by a water break and relaxing in pendopo in the middle of the garden. In this pendopo, I can see the whole house and feel how Mr. Sjahrial cherishes this house and each of his collections based on how he treated and displayed them. And unconsciously, we also feel how each collection has its own meaning and story and appreciate it more.

So, if you are interested in antique collections and museums, I recommend this place to visit on your weekend. Lastly, thank you Jakarta Book Club to let me join your club this weekend!

Museum di Tengah Kebun
Instagram : @museumditengahkebun
Address : Jl. Kemang Timur Raya Nomor No.66, Jakarta Selatan

Jakarta Book Club
Instagram : @jakartabookclub

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