It’s been a while, #AngsanaPrabala


Hey guys! I know it’s been like forever since the last time I updated this blog. Well, lately work has been busier day by day, and also my business (thankfully) going strong each day. I’m kinda missing my little me time actually. Hff. By the way, did I ever mentioned about Angsana Prabala? Well, if I don’t, let me tell you my lassst freedom as a teenage with Angsana Prabala.

Angsana Prabala is a cultural mission team of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia and was founded in 2012, in order to participate the International Dance Festival in Portugal. Well, I won’t tell you the exact history of Angsana Prabala, because I know you will be bored as hell, but I promise, I will tell you the whole story why I founded this team and everything else in my other post. For now, I just want to share our latest gathering which brings so much memories and regrets for me too actually hehe.

This last weekend, our team has decided to have a small reunion, as well as to make a little farewell party for Puser, Tito and Ayu in Puser’s house (we usually have a reunion annually). And coincidentally, we also think this is the best moment to gather every member to plan another ‘comeback’ of Angsana Prabala 1. Ah, fyi our little family has grown up to 3rd batch right now, and they currently in Madrid to join the International Dance Festival too. I’m a proud ‘mommy’! Moving on, reunion can be an awkward moment but not with us for sure. The first time we see each other, we screamed and also, mocking each other. Wq, mocking is a must in Angsana Prabala. Mostly, we mocked each other about how you break up with A, how you still have this fling to B, blah blah. And yeah, it’s because so much things going on when we’re in Portugal. It’s better not to mention it, right kids?


We spent 7 hours to watch our old videos, our performance, our crazy Angsana Prabala Reality vlog, and everything else. And mann, those feels……. I really want to go back to those days, when all the things you have to worry is how to make a best performance. And also, looking back to how thin and sexy we are, and now we are looking straight just like a pig (except Vinda I guess). Our conversation is much more different than how we used to, from how’s work, when will you get married, etc. I was planning to have on last stage with them, but I guess maybe I’m the one who can’t move on from 4 years ago.


Just a few bunch of AngsPrabs #sobsob , taun depan rame ya wajib!

Angsana Prabala is basically my family, the one I hold on to, and it started when I decided to do the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Preparing a cultural mission in just 4 months, with no experience, with no preparation, no sponsors, nothing. And they are the one who always motivated and being there for each other, and mostly the one who believed in me to lead them, until finally we made it. Maybe this is the reason we have each other back ’til now. Dearest Angsana Prabala, I know this sounds so cheesy, and I know you will mocked me to death in our next gathering, but I hope our friendship will last long long long long time. And lastly, will you join me to have our one last stage?

PS: bisa gak sekali aja gausah nanyain video kuda-kudaan gue sama Masjaw. Zzz.