Oasis Lagoon Sanur Hotel, Sanur

This is my first time to stay at Sanur area, because from my previous trips, I always chose to stay in Kuta area. Sanur is actually somewhat similar to Kuta or Seminyak, but much quieter (which I loved). Kuta now, in my opinion, is too crowded and jammed so this time prefer Sanur to stay overnight.

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[PART2] Ubud on a closer look

See Part 1!

Lazy Cat Cafe

What I love from downtown Ubud, is you can just park your vehicle somewhere and walk past mini shop and cute little restaurant along the street. Most of building designs is not too fancy, not too modern, but that’s what makes them interesting. Continue reading “[PART2] Ubud on a closer look”

[PART 1] Ubud on a closer look

When I first planned my itinerary to Bali last month, I was not quite interested to spend some night in Ubud, because from my previous experience, staying in the middle of the city is more convenient and easy to move around while Ubud looks less interesting and boring. Going to Bali, in my perspective, was always about dipping your feet to the beach, however, this time I want to try to see Bali on the other side that I have never seen before.
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Get to know the most known Southern Bali area

Bali, as you know, is the No. 1 destination in Indonesia that is popular by foreign and local tourists as well. And from all Bali regions, Southern Bali is more crowded than other regions because the infrastructure development are more concentrated in this area. This means if you plan to travel to several places, which needs great and easy access, Southern Bali maybe the most suitable destination for you.

Although Bali is more known for its beaches, it is also known for its mountains, cliffs and rice paddies view, culture, art and crafts, and some fun activities, such as nightlife, extreme water sports and so on. Therefore, it is better for you to decide first what adventure you want in Bali so you can decide where is the most suitable destinations and place to stay during your vacation to Bali. The list below will help you get to know each area in the region of Southern Bali (I hope so!).


Kuta is the most targeted area by foreign and local tourists, because the places are easily accessible by foot or vehicle. ATMs, Mini Markets, Restaurants and Cafes, Malls and Shopping Areas, all just within a 5-15 minute walk. Kuta Beach as its a main attraction can be easily accessed from the hotel and also offers quite a lot of water sport activities, such as jet ski, banana boat, body board, etc. In addition, Kuta Beach is also quite popular for tourists to enjoy the sunset. However, the shortcomings you have to face if you want to stay in Kuta is the overcrowded, traffic at most times, and the quite dirty beach.



Seminyak is very close to Kuta, and it is more known for its restaurants and cafes, as well as its nightlife. And for you interior design or architecture lovers, your eyes will totally pleased here. Modern art is widely applied in restaurant buildings, cafes, and hotels, so the Seminyak area is more crowded by youngsters. If you want to have some culinary trip, or stay in new modern hotel or hostel with nice design, Seminyak is THE place. Seminyak beach also popular to enjoy the sunset while grabbing a snack or drink with your friends, because along the beach, there’s so much cafe/bars that provides bean bag for you to sit at the sands, but you required to buy drink or food with minimum order Rp100.000-150.000 per pax.



Oasis Lagoon Hotel, Sanur

Unlike Kuta and Seminyak, Sanur is more quiet but we still can easily find ATMs, Mini Markets, Cafes and Restaurants by walk. Sanur Beach is pretty much used as private beach area by nearby hotels, but we can still access this beach and mostly used for canoe-ing, snorkeling, or diving, due to its calm waves. And if Kuta Beach is famous for its sunset, Sanur Beach is famous for its sunrise. Well, Sanur might be the right choice if you want to find a less crowded accommodation with easy beach access, but close enough to the airport or downtown Denpasar.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is mostly used for 5 star hotels or resorts, so the beach access is quite limited to other than hotel guests. But, you can assure the cleanliness and serenity of the Nusa Dua beach area than Kuta, Seminyak, or Sanur because it is well maintained by each hotels. Nusa Dua beach also doesn’t have big waves so it is very suitable for you who wants to relax and sunbathing while listening to the waves.



If you are searching for the place where you can enjoy many time just to relax, enjoy the nature with great view of rice fields, and living a healthy lifestyle, Ubud is surely the perfect choice for you. Unlike Kuta, Sanur or Seminyak, Ubud is more like a slow and healthy living. Spend your time to stay overnight or two night in Ubud area, because the concept and facilities of hotel/resort in Ubud itself is quite different, where we are brought closer to nature. Besides, Ubud is also very Famous for its art and craft products, especially wood, as well as the Balinese culture because Ubud is surrounded by local villages. And things to note, you must carefully choose your accommodation in Ubud carefully, because there are several hotels/resorts are quite far from the downtown Ubud so it is rather difficult to find ATMs, Restaurant, or Mini Market by walk.





Uluwatu is the southernmost area in Bali, and in there are many beaches that are desolated and untouched by many people. If Ubud is THE healing place with mountain and rice paddies view, you can feel the serenity by enjoy the quiet beach with cliffs alongside. Hotel and resorts in Uluwatu mostly located on the top of the cliffs with its own private beach access, but the price is usually much more expensive. There are several private beaches that can be publicly accessible, but we have to extra pay approximately Rp300.000,00-500.000,00. But, you there are some beaches that are made accessible to the public and the entrance fee is also not as expensive as the private beach (around Rp10.000,00-Rp20.000,00 per person), such as Pandawa Beach, Melasti Beach, Dreamland Beach, Green Bowl Beach and so on. Beach characters in Uluwatu are more surrounded by cliffs and corals, but the waves are bigger so it is much favored by tourists who love surfing.



Pool bar at Panama Kitchen, Canggu

Canggu is quite less known area by tourists. This area can be reached about 30 minutes drive from Denpasar, and what I love from Canggu is that we can enjoy two sights at once, the view of rice paddy fields and beautiful beaches. Canggu does not have much hotel and resorts as many as the others area I mentioned earlier, but the restaurant and pool bar to enjoy the sunset is also quite popular for foreign tourists. It’s a bit hard to access places on foot, so I recommend to rent your own vehicle, be it a car or motorbike if you’re planning to stay in Canggu area.

So, those are some tips that might help you to decide which places to go to during your stay in Bali, especially in Southern Bali area. There are still many other areas in Bali that I may not have explored. I will definitely explore Bali more to found out other hidden paradise there. Well, see you dear wanderers!

Have a healing stay at Blue Karma Resort, Ubud

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This is my first time to write a hotel review (and many things to come) during my latest trip to Bali. And yes, thankfully, I found a precious hidden gem in Ubud. For those of you who need some healing and want to stay in a quiet and calm atmosphere unlike our busy lifes in Jakarta, yes, this resort is should be one of your list to stay in Bali. Continue reading “Have a healing stay at Blue Karma Resort, Ubud”

Shanghai-Beijing Trip

Hello, wanderers! Continuing my previous post about last week long weekend, I decided to have a quick getaway to Shanghai and Beijing. Oh ya, btw kali ini aku ikut tour yang di book dari kantor papa, dan grupnya juga temen kantor papa dan keluarganya. Jadi, ya mungkin tripnya lebih padet dan ya, like I said, I can’t enjoy the trip quite enough, karena dengan dua kota yang berbeda, dan waktunya yang padet banget. But well, let’s take a look at a snippet which I love the most in this trip.


Unfortunately, Shanghai is too foggy for us to take pictures of its skyline. Huks.

Karena disini cuma semalem, dan man, I’m a little bit jet lag (karena sehari sebelum berangkat juga begadangan, tidurnya pun berantakan banget pas di pesawat), alhasil trip di Shanghai ini, semacem kayak mimpi. Ngawang gitu aja. Shanghai, actually not much different with Jakarta. Tapi bedanya, dia dibagi dua kota, kota baru (Pudong), yang isinya bangunan-bangunan tinggi semacem business district gitu, dan old town, yang bangunannya lebih tua. But overall, I’m not too impressed with this city, except their architecture.

Foggy Shanghai at Noon.

The building designs is impressive and also looks gigantic. And I don’t know, if i may say, urban designnya pun terlihat sangat menonjolkan ornamen-ornamen negara komunis, kayak landscape di bawah itu semacem ngingetin ornamen di bendera North Korea. But, I’m not so sure either sih. Oh ya, yang sangat amat kecewa pertama kali nyampe di Shanghai, toiletnya dimanapun jorok banget. Thank God, I brought so many antiseptic wet tissues.

Massive scale of buildings and urban landscape. Picture taken from top of TV Tower.


Dari Shanghai, kita nyoba kereta cepat yang katanya di Indonesia juga lagi coba dibangun untuk Jakarta-Surabaya. Orang kantor sih yang lagi megang proyek LRT, sekitar 2 bulan lalu juga sempet ke Shanghai buat survey.


Kereta ini sendiri, terdiri dari 9 gerbong, dimana gerbong 1-3 untuk First Business Class, gerbong 4-8 ya semacam untuk Economy Class, dan gerbong 9 untuk makan. Kecepatan maksimum dari kereta ini bisa sampe 350km/hour. Shanghai-Beijing yang jaraknya 1.600km-an (kalo ga salah) pun akhirnya bisa ditempuh selama 5 jam. Btw, still, nobody, including train crew, can speak english. And also, too lazy too clean restaurant table, so we have no choice to eat on total mess and dirty table.

Flatlay is a must. Cemilan and coffee is a must. Ipod is a must. Teehee.



Di Beijing, dari segi cuaca pun lebih menyenangkan dan ga terlalu buru-buru karena kita lumayan punya waktu yang cukup buat eksplor kota ini. Beda dengan Shanghai, Beijing lebih less hectic, sejuk tapi jarang hujan, dan full of history and tradition. Tapi, kerasa banget cuacanya kering sampe bikin muka dan bibir pecah-pecah. Dan kalian kalo udah sampe Beijing, harus nyobain traditional Bebek Peking-nya! Dia di wrap di semacam kulit lumpia terus dikasih saos gitu, abis itu dikasih lobak dan timun. Enak banget pokoknya!

And last, this is my tips for you who wants to travel to Shanghai-Beijing (or majority China cities) :

1. Learn basic Chinese. Your English is literally useless here. Nobody can speak English (even at the check in counter, there’s 2-3 who can’t speak English well). It’s useful if you want to go shopping, ask for halal food, ask for direction, etc.

2. BRING ONE SUITCASE FULL OF ANTISEPTIC WET TISSUES OR EVERYTHING THAT CAN KILL BACTERIES. Well, i’m too exagerrated it. But, seriously. You should bring at least 2-3 of it. Toiletnya, masya Allah. Just make sure you wipe anything you can wipe. Tears T_T

3. Don’t dehydrate yourself. Minum air putih yang banyak, karena cuacanya kering banget. Selain biar ga pusing, juga biar kulit kalian tetep lembab, ga kering dan pecah-pecah.

4. For those who can’t wash your *** after you pee without water, wet tissues for your geniality is also recommended, because they only gave you dry tissue, which I can’t feel clean just by using dry tissues.

5. Chinese is very good at marketing (and also sometimes disturbing). Mereka akan maksa kalian beli barang, apalagi yang street market, atau pedagang kaki lima yang suka ngemper di deket tempat wisata. Kalo kata local tour guide di sana, kalo bisa jangan beli barang dari pedagang kaki lima yang ‘ngemper’, kalopun pengen banget, kasih duit pas. Karena mereka suka nakal, misalnya harganya ¥20 terus kalian kasih ¥100, nah kembaliannya biasanya dibalikin dengan mata duit asing selain yuan, bisa mata uang rusia, korea, apapun itu. Ajaib ya haha.

6. Get ready for bad service. Sebenernya sih karena perbedaan culture aja sih. Tapi emang kayaknya kebanyakan tipikalnya jorok sih disana, di hotel pun pas breakfast, meja kotor bekas orang ga akan dibersihin, walaupun kita udah minta berkali-kali. Jadi, mesti extra sabar ya.

7. Buying data roaming provider Indonesia, is basically useless. Internet lemot banget, and also, Facebook and Line is prohibited. Gaakan bisa buka karena diblock di China. Kalo saya pribadi sih Line, Path, Snapchat, Instagram bisa dibuka, tapi gabisa ngapa-ngapain juga karena lemot dan failed to upload/update. Mungkin bisa consider beli kartu lokal supaya ga lemot (tapi tetep, Facebook dan semacamnya katanya sih ga akan bisa diakses.

Okay, selesai deh summary trip kali ini. Sekarang saatnya kerja keras lagi, nyari duit lagi, biar bisa liburan lagi hehe. Selamat kembali bekerja, my dear fellow wanderers! See you on my next trip! Cheers!

Time to pack!

Ni hao ma, wanderers! Long weekend 4 hari ini, saya dan keluarga menyempatkan diri untuk ke Cina, kali ini trip ke Shanghai dan Beijing. Sebenernya nebeng sama gathering divisi kantor papa, tapi berhubung banyak yang bawa keluarga juga, akhirnya saya dapet rejeki ‘kebawa’ liburan ke Cina. Saya terpaksa ngutang cuti sehari sih, karena flightnya mepet jam 20.15, dan tau sendiri Jakarta long weekend bakal jadi semacet apa. Apalagi kantor saya yang di daerah Bintaro.

Sekarang, saya mau sedikit share buat tips packing saya, mungkin hitungannya lebih simple karena tripnya juga cuma 4 hari dan ga terlalu jauh. Shanghai dan Beijing sendiri di bulan Mei ini sebenernya udah masuk musim panas, tapi ya masih lebih dingin dibanding Jakarta yang ga kemarau aja udah 28-30 derajat, apalagi cuacanya beberapa tahun terakhir lagi ga jelas, kadang dingin kadang panas. So, here is my tips for packing your baggage and cabin bag for summer getaway!



I always start my packing time by making a checklist. I’m a very Aries person, so everything have to be planned very well. Checklist ini akan memudahkan saya untuk memperhitungkan barang apa yang kira-kira perlu saya bawa dan yang tidak perlu saya bawa.



Biasanya cewek pasti paling ribet masalah baju, karena satu, biar keliatan kece di foto. Nah, mungkin ada beberapa orang yang akhirnya masukin baju yang berlebihan, karena takut nanti ga cocok disana, atau ‘laper mata’, bawa baju banyak siapa tau mau ganti-ganti. Nah, apalagi yang berjilbab, udah bajunya banyak, terus ditambah scarf yang banyak juga karena bingung padu-padaninnya gimana. Nah kalo saya, saya selalu ngepack baju dengan hitungan per hari. Misalnya, hari pertama mau pake baju apa, hari kedua apa dsb. Keuntungannya, satu, bisa hemat space di koper nantinya (otomatis bisa space untuk belanja lebih banyak kan hehe), dan kedua, pas kalian mau ganti baju di sana, kalian ga akan kebingungan buat milih baju, apalagi kalo travel dengan tour yang jadwalnya padet.


Like I said on my previous post (click here), I always bring my sneakers, and one pair of flip-flop/sandals. Sneakers biasanya saya pake buat selama di pesawat (pulang/pergi), terus buat jalan yang emang jauh atau medannya sulit (pas naik Great Wall misalnya). Kalo flip-flop biasanya sih saya pake kalo jalannya ga terlalu jauh atau lebih santai.

Make up and toiletries

Sebenernya saya kurang terlalu suka make up, kecuali kalo mau ke pesta yang bener-bener formal, kayak wedding party misalnya. Sehari-hari paling modalan lipstick/lip tint, and occasionally pake CC Cream. So, make up yang saya bawa ini sih fungsinya ya paling biar ga kucel-kucel banget, apalagi buat di foto. Sayang kan udah jauh-jauh ke luar negeri tapi fotonya kucel hehehe. And this is my make up essentials for summer trip :


  1. CC Cream by Too Cool For School
  2. Lip Balm Wild Cherry by Burt’s Bees
  3. Eye Brow by Too Cool For School
  4. Face Paper by Clean&Clear
  5. Mascara Hyper Curl Volume Express by Maybelline
  6. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

And for my toiletries (and skincare) :

  1. [MUST!] Wet Tissues Sensitive and Antiseptics by Dettol
  2. Tissue Kering
  3. Face Wipes by Biore
  4. Active Serum by Sulwhasoo
  5. Sikat Gigi Travel, Sabun, Shampoo, and so on.


Packing tipsnya ga ribet sih, biasanya kalo emang travelnya agak jauh dan lebih lama, baju yang dibawa juga banyak sedangkan muatan koper terbatas, saya biasanya ngepack dengan cara ngegulung baju-bajunya biar lebih hemat space. But, for this trip, I think just fold it like usual is alright hehe.

Well, that’s it for today! Next I will post some pictures, videos, and several tips for you who want to go to Shanghai-Beijing in summer! Keep wandering, wanderers!

The story of finding my kind of sports

Hello, all! Finally I made this first Daily Wandering post! Well, if you’re being confused or wondering what daily wandering is, basically in this category, I will share you about my recent and daily activities, about works, business, lifestyle, and so on. And today, I will share you about my I-hope-I-become-healthy-and-lose-some-weight-too-actually lifestyle; sports!

Sebenernya, dari tahun 2009-an kalo ga salah, saya udah nyoba berbagai macem jenis olahraga. Padahal, saya paling benci yang namanya olahraga. Buat jalan dari kamar ke dapur aja rasanya mager. No wonder, now I turn to this fatty creature. Huks.

Pertama kali join Indonesia Folding Bike. Dulu masih males pake helm. Takut poninya rusak. (Yes I also have those phases of poni lempar is my life).

Historically speaking, azek, awal jadi nyoba berbagai macem olahraga adalah karena ‘dicemplungin’ papa mama ke komunitas sepeda. Waktu itu, komunitas folding bike, Indonesian Folding Bike lagi hits-hitsnya, trayeknya ya kawasan CFD Sudirman-Thamrin. Papa yang bisa dibilang maniak sepeda tiba-tiba udah nyiapin 4 sepeda lipet, buat papa sendiri, mama, saya dan adek saya. And out of nowhere, I already kind of being part of this community. Ga berenti disitu, kemudian papa ajak saya gabung lagi di komunitas sepeda regional lain yang lebih kecil, yaitu daerah Tebet dan sekitarnya, namanya SOC (Sepeda Owners Community) Tebet.

Ngabuburit bareng SOC Tebet. Pardon ‘unhijabbed’ me. Masih kurus :”)

Awal saya join, kalo ga salah pas bulan puasa dan waktu itu lagi ada event ngabuburit dan buka puasa bareng terus kita keliling daerah Tebet dan Senayan. Yes, you hear me. Puasa, sepedaan. Kalo diitung-itung, sebenernya saya lumayan lama sih sekitar 2 tahunan ikut kegiatan komunitas atau cuma nimbrung gowes bareng, kadang-kadang papa juga ngajak temen satu kantor dan keluarganya sama-sama sepedaan, entah buat keliling Kota Tua atau sambil kulineran di Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Selatan dan sekitarnya. Cuma waktu itu, akhirnya saya lama-lama mundur bebas karena level papa makin rada ‘miring’ (I’m sorry papa I promise I’ll buy you ice cream). Dan papa akhirnya ‘pensiun dini’ and start to fold those things called folding bikes for good, dan ganti jadi mountain bike. Hobby barunya, downhill. Sering banget naik sepeda ke Puncak, Bogor kalo gasalah sih namanya Jalur Pipa Gas (JPG) Biking Community atau apa saya juga agak lupa. Man, this lady, could not handle that much. Pernah waktu sepedaan di Bandung, darah rendah saya kambuh ampe keleyengan, cuma gara-gara apa? Nanjak mulu. Well, maybe I have a lil bit princess syndrome. So sorry.

Akhirnya, dari situ saya ngerasa, mungkin sepeda bukan olahraga yang sesuai buat saya. Sempet off olahraga beberapa lama, karena ya, saya yang mageran, terus sempet sibuk ngurusin BKST (I will post about this later), kuliah arsitektur yang begadang mulu, terus saya memang belom nemuin olahraga yang tepat supaya bisa semangat dan teratur terus ngejalaninnya. And for your note, saya ga terlalu suka yang tipe nge-gym gitu, terlalu monoton. But, then I found this amazing pilates and healthy lifestyle account, BLOGILATES! Honestly, I think this is the most perfect sport for me. Blogilates sebenernya semacam personal trainer untuk pilates yang bisa diakses secara online (basenya pake Youtube), dan tiap bulan si trainernya, Cassey Ho, akan ngepost jadwal pilates routine apa yang harus dijalanin (you should check this out : www.blogilates.com). What I love about Pop Pilates (or you may say Blogilates) and Cassey, of course, that she is so motivating you not to give up! And also, it feels like you’re not training with a personal trainer, but with an exercise partner.

Salah satu contoh Blogilates 4-week-plan for Beginners dari Blogilates. Download it at www.blogilates.com

Dari beberapa Youtube trainer, menurut saya sih dia paling oke dan menyenangkan ngajarnya. Dan ga cuma pilates routine yang dia bikin, dia juga banyak ngepost tentang home made clean eating, sampe baju, accessories, equipment, pokoknya everything about pilates and healthy lifestyle. I honestly recommend you to try this kind of sport, buat yang mageran kayak saya, ga punya banyak waktu buat ke gym/studio/apapun itu, atau ga nyaman untuk exercise di tempat umum. Tapi yang harus dicatet, kita butuh kesadaran yang sangat tinggi sih buat tetep disiplin ngejalanin pilates routine (and also to try clean eating).

Berhubung karena ga ada foto waktu pilates di rumah (ya, ngapain juga foto pilates di rumah sendirian pula), jadi share foto contoh home mada clean eating yang saya buat, according to Cassey’s recipe on her blog. This is Smoke Salmon with Homemade Cauliflower Rice sebagai ganti kentang/nasi. Rasanya lumayan kok teehee.

Saya ngejalanin pilates and clean eating kira-kira ya 2,5 tahunan, dan efeknya, seriously, your face and skin are glowing, you’re more resistant of any sickness, your body is getting stronger and feels lighter, and also you can maintain your weight pretty well. Tapi, dasar anak bandel, clean eating-nya mulai hancur di awal 2014-an, jarang pilates lagi. Alasannya, ya ga sempet masak clean food lagi lah, sibuk begadang lagi lah jadi ga sempet olahraga dan tipar. Alhasil, kendor lagi. I know you feel irritated (not motivated) by me. So sorry, but I warned you already. TEEHEE. Dan, akhirnya pada pertengahan tahun 2014, teman dekat saya, mengajak saya ke salah satu olahraga ter-hip, yaitu : ZUM-ZUM-ZUMBA! Beda dengan sepeda dan pilates, zumba ini basenya seperti campuran dance latin dan fitness aerobic. Saya suka banget nari, dan pas dikenalin sama zumba ini, wajar aja saya nagih, karena zumba bukan hanya campuran dance, but also it’s all about party! Kayak dugem versi bakar lemak (tapi tenang aja kebanyakan di studionya cewek kok. Kalo dugem beneran mah yang ada saya udah dibakar pas nyampe rumah sama ibu saya. Kidding.)  Dan, waktu itu saya nyoba zumba di Sana Studio, daerah Panglima Polim. Studionya ga terlalu besar, intimate, terus trainer-trainernya juga asik-asik banget, kayak keluarga. Beda sih sama gym, karena mereka lebih ke studio, jadi basicnya lebih ke classes gitu bukan yang gym equipment lalala.

Salah satu studio untuk TRX di Sana Studio. That straps yang saya bilang buat support berat badan kita pas doing exercises like plank and so on.

Classesnya juga lumayan banyak, ada Zumba (Zumba Dance, Toning, Sentao), Muay Thai, TRX, Pilates, dan Yoga. Waktu itu saya sempet juga combine Zumba dan TRX. Kalo TRX dia kayak pake equipment semacam strap gitu tapi ga elastis, yang digantung di atap, jadinya si strap ini bakal jadi support kita, misalnya buat squat, plank, and so on.

Waktu masih strong, nyobain planking dengan kaki menggantung di strap. Beban yang ditahan sama tangan otomatis jadi lebih besar dibandingkan planking with your two feet on the ground.

Alasannya nyoba combine this two stuffs? Penasaran. Kedua, kalo Zumba dia sifatnya adalah cardio, untuk membakar lemak, sedang TRX lebih focus ke toned your muscle. Buat ngencengin lah. Karena saya tipikal badan yang ngebeleber kayak tahu, yang saya butuhin bukan cardio aja, tapi juga buat toned up my muscle, ngencengin gelambir-gelambir ga jelas ini.

After Zumba Class, with one of our instructure, Laila Munaf. Credit photo : Instagram Mba Laila.

Dan sayangnya, saya mulai jarang lagi rutin Zumba dan TRX, karena mulai masuk kerja, dan masih dalam tahap kemageran maunya Sabtu-Minggu goleran aja di rumah, which is please don’t do the same thing like me. Ditambah lagi, Sana Studio makin rame :(, jadi suka ga kedapetan kelas, dan suka males karena pff rame bet. Kedua, partner Zumba saya juga ikutan mager dan ga pede Zumba lagi karena udah sempet off lama. Takut ga bisa survive sampe akhir. Dan akhirnya, saya nyobain yoga. Well, kalo yang ini sebenernya saya baru dua kali nyobain. Pertama, di private class bersama ibu-ibu temen mama saya. Yang akhirnya saya males, karena ya too much rumpi-rumpi dan ibu-ibu kind of thing. Dan yang kedua, baru nyobain hari ini lagi sebenernya. Nanti saya bakal post di posting yang lain ya biar ga terlalu panjang hehe.

Ada yang satu agak terlupakan sih. Saya pernah nyoba lari. Tapi, the first 500 meter, I gave up. Bukan lari, tapi jalan. Padahal waktu itu cuma keliling UI aja sih sekitar 7km, yang saya tempuh akhirnya 1 jam. Cupu banget. Dan sampe sekarang, saya masih gabisa lari. Padahal mau ikutan semacem Color Run, dan Run-run hits lain semacemnya. Tapi, daripada mas-mas panitia ntar ga pulang-pulang gara-gara nungguin saya yang ga nyampe-nyampe finish linenya, mending saya berkorban. Boong deng. Emang sebenernya cupu.

Kalo bisa dipilih, olahraga yang sebenernya paling tepat, paling enjoy, dan paling berpengaruh buat badan saya sih, saya lebih prefer Zumba dan Pilates. Kalo zumba karena lebih mirip dengan hobby saya yaitu ngedance, jadi lebih fun dan ga berasa kayak olahraga, dan kalo Pilates, karena sesuai dengan lifestyle saya, yang overly busy, mageran dan apapun alasannya minumnya teh botol sosro. Ngawur. Tapi mungkin saya lumayan suka yoga juga, tapi I prefer pilates more. Karena lebih moving kali ya. Atau mungkin saya belum ketemu pasnya di Yoga. Tapi, mau nyoba lebih rutin sih, siapa tau lama-lama lebih enjoy hehe. Well, that’s it for now, and keep wandering, my fellow wanderers!